Ah, yes... once again, the time draws near when the dark denizens of the net will make their way to a single point on the map for mischief, mayhem, and really strong drinks... It's almost time for Convergence 7!

For more information, please visit the Convergence 7 website. Other useful information can be found at the C7 Rescue site. No matter what your specific plans for August 18-20, the plan is to have a great time, so please keep that in mind!

The point of the listing is to help you get to know people. Once you visit their sites or read their blurbs, you can feel a little more comfortable about chatting with them at Convergence. Sign the guestbook if you want to add more info or just feel the need to say something. Be nice, though. Please?

The form has been disabled, and I'll see you all tomorrow or Friday! Sorry if you missed the deadline, but I goota go finsih packing, too! Don't forget to come introduce yourself to me! -- Madelyn

So far, we have 143 attendees listed (including couples / friends who are listed together), traveling from:
The UK(8)
The Netherlands (1)
Germany (3)
East (53)
Midwest (18)
South (includes DC)(22)
West (31)


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