Attendees from out West
Trystan L. Bass: Been part of a.g.f & faqmistress since '95 . Currently claims to be the Gothic Martha Stewart & is insane enough to be on the C7 staff!
Dragon: I am one of the C7 committee members, I have been around the net for some time now and spend my time on the San Diego and New Orleans Goth lists. I am also a moderator on the Corporate Goth list and have attended both C5 and C6. A long time DJ in the Goth scene, I have appeared at San Diego clubs and have done guest appearances in Dallas and Philadelphia.
Laura Katsis: This is my second convergence and I can't wait! I'm really bad at bio type things so I'll say that I'm 27 and coming from Los Angeles and if you want to know more, you'll just have to ask! :) Send Email.
Tasha didn't leave a bio...
Cinka: Pic is of me with long hair...cut most of it off! This will be my 3rd Convergence and 2nd trip to the Big Apple. The city awaits! Send Email.
Mystress Prynne and Edward: This will be our 4th Convergence. Look for two people wearing Nice Boots. Send Email.
Éilis aka eilis40: I'm from sunny So Cal and am heading out to my second Convergence with my Martini Twin, Laura, who's up toward the top of this page. That's me on the left, hugging a bunny friend at the C6 agf tea. Looking forward to seeing old mates, as well as meeting a load of new ones...I'm quite the little socialite and *love* people, so if you see me, come over and say "hi!" Send Email.
Voodoo: Giving new meaning to the term eldergoth, Voodoo has been spinning records (yep, back then records was all we had) since 1985. Currently Voodoo can be found at House of Voodoo, a monthly Deathrock event, and as guest DJ at various other bay area clubs. Interests include Jack Daniels, Finnish Glam Bands, Gothic Girls, Battlezone, and Crustaceans. Did I mention Jack Daniels? Send Email.
Mizzuz Voodoo: A San Francisco native, Mizzuz Voodoo is co-owner of House of Voodoo. Other inerests include raising the Lil' Voodoo Doll, Belly Dancing, Tequila and Shoppping. Send Email.
Batty: I am the owner of Azrael's Accomplice Clothing and long time net junkie. This will be my third convergence. I look forward to much gooberiffic fun. Send Email.
Lychor aka Lychor: I'm typically a really quiet type, and I am a student, oh and a military brat (which explains so many things). I've never been to nyc (or anywhere near) so I'm looking forward to a great new experience. And I'm not the only one from Texas! Woohoo! Not that I'll be living in this state much longer so I guess it doesn't really matter huh? Send Email.
Claire Rawlings aka Eos Venus: I've never been to Convergence, but gosh darn it's about time...The Dallas goth scene leaves a lot to be desired, so I'm a bit behind the times, but I can't wait to head up to NYC. I plan to do all the touristy things as well as the Con events; I hope to be in for a fun-packed weekend (can you tell i'm a perky goth?) Send Email.
Rick Watson aka mydarkminds: dark soul, owner of a wildlife park (i have 36 tigers), want to meet some new friends in the goth scene, i'm a wiccan priest (witch), love heavy metal music, industrial, punk, etc. Send Email.
Michelle Maulsby aka Miss Hell: This will be my first EVER Convergence. I had a blast at GothCon this year and met a lot of people. Hopefully, C7 will blow the lid off of that. Hopefully, a lot of you will recognize me even though I look different from one time to the next. Just look for the big hair and the Nikon and that should be me. Send Email.
SPIKE aka SPIKE the Percussionist: Percussionist, Noiz maker and Catslayer from Corpus Christi, Texas. Veteran of C5 in New Orleans, this will be my 2nd Convergence. My projects include delicate Terror, Astrogenic Hallucinauting and Childman to name a few. Send Email.
Sheena: um... spooky chic goth singer in Numeralia. Love art, literature, music and food. Looking foward to NYC! Send Email.
Robert aka Maleficarum: This will be my first Convergence, and my first time in New York City! I can't believe that I am finally going to get to see Neurepublik perform! Those guys ROCK!
Madelyn aka d j . d r o w n: I will be travelling, once again, from the great (ack ack) city of Salt Lake. This is my 3rd Convergence, and my third Roll Call page (that's right, I maintain this, so if you're listed anywhere on here, you have to say HI at C7). This year, my catamite is saving up for DefCon, so who knows what I'll be up to, muahahaha. I spend my days designing websites for various goth and non-profit events (Utah.Goth, Perfect Cut, UGGLIES, GOTHICS, Darkarts, and more), organize and attempt to run Utah GOTHICS, DJ at two dance clubs (Area 51 and Club @), and cause general havoc. I decided to put a not particularly recognizable photo up... I usually fuss at other people for the same offense! Gah! Send Email.
Ryan Michael Painter aka rien: Writer, actor, musician. I write music reviews for the local underground monthly but would rather not be a critic for the rest of my life. As far as being gothic... often I feel I exited stage right when porl_king and the tomb ravers told the vampires to bugger off... I still enjoy the music but I've lost the desire to "keep the faith" so to speak. Send Email.
Jeremiah aka Madmiah: This is my first convergence but I am looking forward to meeting new people and having a great weekend full of fun. Send Email.
Tracy aka Victorian Rose: Greetings! I am excited to be travelling to my second Convergence with my husband, Chad. Seattle was our first. We love New York and are looking forward to this one in New York. We have both been a part of the online goth community for sometime, although I have to admit I've only recently started posting in alt.gothic. We have a diversity of interests and tastes and are open to just about anything, so don't be afraid to say hi. I am in the process of getting an online store for handmade beaded jewelry and hairpieces started so as soon as I have the URL for that, I'll spread it around. See y'all in a few weeks! Send Email.
Dawn Tavares aka grannybat, Aurora Rosa: Bio: I may go down in history as the only babybat to bring knitting to a club night. A serendipitous, last-minute trip to C6 convinced me I badly need a vacation in NYC. I'll be meeting Corporate Goths, plundering the Costume Institute at the Met, and seeing Broadway shows with old college buddies. May or may not run amok in the clothing district. Look for the natural brunette with blue & silver in her hair. Send Email.
Alicia aka dj delilah: I try to keep a low profile, but seem to get caught up in concert promoting, djing, and doing web sites. I've enforced my fascist regime on A Study of Gothic Subculture, created the zine Eklectique, and subverted the system. At my two previous Convergences, my hair was blue, I got made fun of for drinking Bud Lite, and I went on kissing sprees. Send Email.
Jeff Carlisle aka Aziraphale: Still the surreal shutterbug, Jeff will be attending his third Convergence this year. Send Email.
Donya aka masque: I'm not a coat. However, I am a synth/goth fashion and music fiend. With violent tendencies. Mostly towards bois. Pink-haired bois. And very quiet. When sober. But when drunk, all bets are off. (Send E-mail.)
Nissa aka skepticle: Determinedly un-famous yet over appreciated skepticle, attends another Convergence with hopes of finally being crowned god of obscure eighties Euro-trash music. Send Email.
Chris Roy aka [chrisr/nps] did not send a bio. Send Email.
Alexia McKenzie aka alexia did not send a bio.
Marc Schiermeier aka Marc17: Flying out to Convergence to meet old friends maybe make some new ones. I'm also doing my own magazine, so if you run into me, be sure and ask for a copy. Send Email.
Jodi aka Anhedoniac sometimes...: Owner of Catastrophe clothing, I'll be heading up to NY for C7 to participate in the fashion show again! I'm excited to go shopping and meet new people, so say hi! Send Email.
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