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GOTHICS adopts bats!

Bats are a lot like us - most people think they're creepy, but actually they do a lot of good. Most bats eat insects, making them a farmer or gardener's best friend. Unlike us, they're also quite endangered. They are fascinating creatures, and we've decided to take part in a bat sponsorship program.

Because an international bat conservation organization holds copyrights on the images that were shown on this website, all images have been removed. If you want to know what these bats look like, you'll have to look elsewhere, or the organization in question will be happy to charge you for the right to own a copy of the pictures.

GOTHICS members who have adopted bats:
Madelyn was first on the bandwagon, and sponsored an Indian Flying Fox on March 17. Madelyn has an amusing Flying Fox anectdote which is not suitable for mixed company, but she will tell you in person if you ask her.
Jeff was next, and adopted an Indian Flying Fox and a Leaf-Nosed bat on March 17. Congratulations, Jeff!
Go, Gnat! Gnat adopted an Epauleted fruit bat on March 17, too! Gnat has adopted adopted many other animals: a grey wolf, a manatee, a spinner dolphin, and a beluga whale. What an inspiration for our maternal instincts!
Heidi is sponsoring a spotted bat named "Anna." Way to go, Heidi!
Donya, ever the joker, adopted a crested bat and named it "Sex," as tribute to the legendary net.goth Count Von Sexbat.
There are several organizations where you can adopt a bat:
  • The Carlsbad Caverns has bat adoption for only $6 (as well as an International Bat Festival in September): http://www.caverns.org/
  • The Cornwall Bat Hospital costs 15 pounds per bat: http://www.wildlifetrust.org.uk/cornwall/text/1cons/batadopt.htm
  • Boise Zoo would like $50 to adopt a fruit bat: http://www.sunvalleyski.com/zooboise/anadopt.html
  • Hogle Zoo asks for $20 - $40 for fruit bats, depending on size... regular or giant. There are also several other nifty animals up for sponsorship there:
  • Bat Conservation International seems to be the only place where you can adopt online, although they don't seem to be even vaguely interested in fostering goodwill among their members. BCI gives you a choice of 7 different species to adopt for $15, or you can adopt a bat and get a membership for $25: http://www.batcon.org/adoptabat/adoptinfo.html

  • If you adopt a bat for GOTHICS, please send us the info so we can add you to this page.

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