Ah, yes... once again, the time draws near when the dark denizens of the net will make their way to a single point on the map for mischief, mayhem, and really strong drinks... It's almost time for Convergence 8!

For more information, please visit the Convergence 8 website.

The point of the listing is to help you get to know people. Once you visit their sites or read their blurbs, you can feel a little more comfortable about chatting with them at Convergence.

I've discontinued the popUp photos, and now only have the 100x100 thumbnails showing.
If there's a big outcry, I'll go back to the popUps, but they take a long time.

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So far, we have 142 attendees listed (including couples / friends who are listed together), traveling from:
British Columbia (2)
Ontario (21)
Quebec (23)
Various (~5)

Germany (1)
Norway (1)
Thailand (1)
UK (8)

East (34)
Midwest (18)
South (includes DC) (11)
West (17)

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